20 beautiful games for your cats!

In this video, we have the chance to see 20 different games that the owner of this Bengal cat has chosen to recreate for his cat.

The Bengal cat is moreover a particularly dynamic cat, and we are sure that some of these games will be able to entertain him for a long time! Cats belonging to this particular breed are also very curious and active and need space for their games and for being secluded.

The Bengal cats can adapt well to apartment living, on condition that they are granted space were grooming in peace and where they can sharpen their nails. Although they love being mostly in the company, Bengal cats have an independent character.

The cats belonging to this breed are fast and attentive, excellent hunters and attracted by the potential prey (which will not always kill). Given their nature, it is good that the familiarization with human beings starts from an early age: the animals that remain in the company of only the mother and the little brothers, could, in fact, have difficulties in entering into relations with human beings. Avoid leaving the house alone for too long (they suffer from loneliness) and do not be afraid to bring them close to water points: unlike other cats, in fact, they do not fear the liquid substance.

Their main characteristic is naturally represented by the spotted hair: their short coat does not need special care, but – during the period of the suit – it may need a more frequent brushing in order to eliminate dead hair. It is also necessary to provide to check off their nails with a little regularity by using special scissors that you can find in any specialized store. Also clean your ears well, using specific products. In case of doubt or need, contact a veterinarian immediately.

Adorable kittens play in a basket!

Considering your passion for movies that portray kittens intent on playing with the most unusual objects, let’s open the day today with a video that shows some cats having fun in a basket.

A scene that surely you have already seen hundreds of times evaluated the extraordinary ease with which cats can play with the most common objects, and that we want to further overturn to all our community in the hope of making you a welcome thing.

Many times we have underlined how simple it is to make cats enjoy themselves, and how genuine their fun can be (that very little attention will be paid to fashions or brands). Many times, for example, we have shown films in which cats play with boxes, and at other times we have shown for example how they can be adequately entertained for several minutes with a simple ball of wool.

It is extremely important, beyond the game that they will choose to play, that cats are encouraged to play games, considering that they are extremely important for the nature of their development. Also, try to carve out a few minutes a day to play with them: it will greatly strengthen your relationship!

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