Beautiful kittens play for 50 minutes!

A tender video to start our day in the best way! A 50-minute long movie in which we can see a group of kittens playing long in a domestic room. A film that also confirms how strong is the desire to move and to explore on the part of these little kittens, who certainly do not drawback when it is necessary to run from one side of the room to the other.

Well, when the cats are at such a tender age, to entertain them it will be sufficient to equip a part of the house with scratching posts, staircases, boxes and other small games that – as we see in this video – will hold them for a long time, thus allowing them to rejoice for a long time.

However, our advice is not to leave the cats alone for too long. In addition to the presence of the mother cat (which in this video we see several times in passing), it is always advisable to spend a few minutes to play with them. In this way, you will strengthen the relationship with the newcomers, and you will contribute to developing their reflexes and their instincts in a different way than what their peers could do.

3 kittens play with a little dog!

If you don’t know how to start on Monday in the best way, this video can come to your rescue. In fact, the film represents a concentration of tenderness and sweetness, showing us three kittens grappling with games and cuddles towards a little dog, their “half-brother” (given that their mother has, in fact, raised their cats ).

The video also shows us how it is possible to create fantastic unions between domestic animals belonging to different species. When there are affection and mutual respect, nothing can prevent dogs and cats from living with serenity and friendship in the same space.

It is certain, we add, that later the right synergies are created between dogs and cats, and it will be more difficult to convince both parties (especially the feline one) to deal positively with the other party. In this case, however, we suggest you be patient, making sure that the two parts still have the same level of attention and space that can be managed exclusively: do not force times and ways, and you will see that, sooner or later, dogs and cats will begin to live together affectionately as if there were no difference between them!

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