Blind cat plays for the first time!

Oscar is a blind cat who never wants to give up! Adopted for a few days, the owner decides to give him a bit of carefree giving him a little ball to play with: for poor Oscar, it is the first time, but he seems to get used to the games soon!

The experience of Oscar, who has experienced many difficulties in his still young life, must teach us how strong the will power of cats can be, and how significant the love his master can give him is.

For cats, on the other hand, play is a fundamental part of their growth and development: a phase that is unmissable and unforgettable, and that will help them manage their body development.

In the case of Oscar, then, the touch and the alternative senses to the sight will have to be developed in an even wider and deeper way: for this reason we praise the gesture of his master, wishing Oscar that his two-legged friend could play with him every day, making him feel his affection and his friendly warmth!

The cat that loves to play with mom’s tail!

This very tender kitten named Nikita seems to have a particular passion and propensity for the mother’s tail: a game that nevertheless gives a mother cat impatience, which will find several opportunities to “take back” her puppy.

The video is also an opportunity to give you quick advice on the playful education of cats: for cats, both large and small, play is indeed a fundamental part of their day. An activity that will allow cats to fine-tune their abilities and instincts, train their body and socialize with their own kind or with their owner.

Our suggestion is, therefore, to dedicate at least 15 minutes a day to this activity. And if you have a kitten who, like Nikita, loves to pull the tails, get yourself a fake tail (in veterinary shops you should be able to find it) or a similar object, and try to tease his predatory instincts and his curiosity!

You will see that with the passing of the days your cat will become more and more confident and, above all, it will also be an opportunity to strengthen a relationship of affection that will distinguish all of life!

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