Cat Academy – 3 Tips For Cats Life

My cat and I were thinking about each other while we read the first book in the Cat Academy series. She went to the window and looked out and then back at me. She seems to like books about other animals that are with us all the time. The cat was holding a treat in her mouth and gave it to me when she saw what was coming and we both laughed.

After all, she is the Cat Academy. I liked the way she was grooming the cat. I’m an introvert and love getting attention, and when she gave the cat treat, she definitely got my attention.

It is funny how a cat will act in a situation that isn’t quite right, but after she is done with the cat, she will sit down and wait. And the cat is very patient. They are people’s cats. We were really looking forward to getting started on this series, especially when I came to realize that this time it was only going to be two books.

So, we got started with Cat Academy by Lois Mitchell. It is available in a single volume or in three volumes. I prefer the single volume version because I was so excited to get started with the series. The second book, Good Kitty is Out There is a very fun read. We loved it.

The Catademy series is written by one of my favorite authors, Lois Mitchell. I’ve read most of her books and have been loving them for years. I was particularly pleased with Cat Academy.

Cat Academy is divided into six chapters, each of which focuses on a different type of cat. They are:

As you can see, they focus on the seven most popular things that cats like to do. These are; playing with toys, looking at their owners, rolling in litter pans, chasing and cleaning up after themselves, sleeping, scratching, digging and playing in the litter box.

They also teach us a lot about cats. For example, we learn that some cats are good climbers, some are very good foragers, some are curious about things they shouldn’t know about, some are very wary of strangers, some are extremely intelligent, some get depressed if you give them too much attention, some really do like to play, some are very bossy, some get along well with everyone and some just like to shred the furniture. I’m sure I can think of more.

You may not like cats, but I was really enjoying Catademy. There is a lot of information. I can’t believe how many things I learned.

I did enjoy the section on “Litter Box Training” and how the cat is trained. It is very useful information for me.

The next chapter about a “Fur-Baller” cat is very entertaining and lots of fun to read. I like the humor in the book and some of the lines I’ve never heard before. Also, it teaches us how to keep our own cats happy and healthy, as well as others.

Overall, I think this is a great book and I recommend it to anyone who has a cat’s life and is looking for tips. If you’re a cat lover, this is a great book and something you don’t want to miss.

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