Cat friendly holiday facilities for even more beautiful travel experiences

Destinations and tourist facilities are increasingly pet-friendly, meaning that tourists can, for example, take their cat on vacation. At Pozzi in Loano in Liguria all this is possible because the holiday facilities are strictly cat and dog friendly, which means, among other things, that in summer as in winter the walk on the beach, or the excursion between the mountains, with your four-legged friend, will make the travel experience even more beautiful.

Facilities for a nice cat-friendly vacation, how to choose them

Not always, however, cat-friendly tourism facilities are in line with the needs of customers on vacation with their cat. And this is because there are structures that four-legged animals simply tolerate but do not offer services that can really be defined as adequate.

Furthermore, the greatest critical points are recorded when the tourist is presented in a hotel or in a hotel that perhaps declares itself to be pet-friendly, but which in reality does not then accept, for example, dogs that are large.

Loving cats in hotels and in hotels, tolerating them is not enough!

The accommodation, in other words, must not simply tolerate four-legged animals , but must love them, which is why the hotel and the perfect hotel, really suitable for dogs and cats, is the one that offers room availability on the first floor, which allows you to stay in rooms that have a small balcony in the room, and which offers not only outdoor spaces that are intended for animals, but also the proximity, for the summer period, of a pet-friendly beach.

The accommodation, to accommodate our cats, must, therefore, be adequately equipped, but at the same time it must excel also on the side of services, in need, for all our four-legged friends, from the presence of a veterinarian to complete grooming, and passing by the pet-sitter, the bowl of water in the room and the welcome pet-kit that certainly never hurts at check-in.

Dogs and cats in hotels and hotels, from the areas common to those prohibited

Dogs and cats in hotels and hotels, therefore, can live peacefully together with tourists if the accommodation is also equipped with areas that, in respect of other tourists, are not pet-friendly.

For example, hotels, based on their specifications, which the customer is always required to read and respect, can restrict access to dogs and cats, as it should be, in the restaurant area, and often in the pool area, but this must be done if and only if there are adequate areas in the structure dedicated to puppies compared to those which, instead, are the common transit areas. On the other hand, many surveys have shown that the majority of tourists on holiday with their cat are perfectly inclined to adapt to what are possible prohibitions.

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