Cats and parquet, how to do it?

We try to dispel a common myth: choosing a parquet for your home does not mean having to give up the presence of cats and dogs. Of course, in spite of any ceramic coating, the wooden floor is likely to be more prone to damage due to its delicacy, but this does not mean that we have to give up the company of a pet.

So how is it possible to make cats and parquet coexist? And what are the precautions to follow to avoid scratches or permanent damage to the floor?

Cats and parquet: useful tips for a peaceful coexistence

If you live with cats or dogs and are planning to furnish your home with warm oak parquet, you should not think that this coexistence is impossible. With the right precautions, you can, in fact, enjoy your wooden floor without having to worry about any damage caused by your hair. In the case of cats, for example, often the concern concerns not only scratches due to the sharp nails but also discolorations or abrasions due to the needs that accidentally end up outside the litter box. Once the dangers are clear, let’s see together what steps to take to preserve your parquet as much as possible.

Types of wood and finishes best suited to living with domestic cats

First of all, it is important that you choose a wooden floor that is highly resistant, such as iroko, doussiè or classic oak. We suggest you avoid a bleached oak parquet because the natural color of the wood lends itself well to hiding small scratches, dents or other types of damage. If you are not yet convinced you can first choose a sartorial parquet and then evaluate.

But it is not just the type of wood that ensures good resistance of the floor, but also the treatments to which it is subjected after laying. Given the presence of cats in the home, the parquet must be well treated to increase its resistance to scratches, water, and wear. In this sense, solvent finishing seems to be the most used solution. In other cases, a waterproofing treatment based on wax and natural oils are preferred, which not only protects the surface of the wood but also allows you to create a healthy environment for the life of your four-legged friends. But for those who really want to ensure a perfect coexistence between parquet and cats, it is possible to choose a special finish that allows making wood out of the good antibacterial floor. In essence, this finish leads to the formation of an environment in which bacteria harmful to humans are eliminated in just 24 hours.

Educate cats to live in environments with parquet floors

But it’s not just a parquet that you have to take care of. Educating your cat about life at home is a key step in keeping your wood floor healthy for a long time. It is important that you teach your cat to use the litter well, and also that you buy him a scratching post so that your friend enjoys playing with this and not your floor.

By following these small steps, you will realize that it is possible not only to cohabitate between parquet and cats but also that one will not exclude the other and that together they will allow you to better enjoy your home.

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