How to choose the best cat scratching post

The scratching post is a very useful accessory for all the cats that live inside an apartment because it allows them to satisfy their natural instinct without causing damage to objects and things.

Cats are felines and even though they have now become pets, accustomed to the comfortable home life, they have preserved some of the ancestral instincts that unite them with wild cousins ​​such as tigers, pumas, etc.

Sharpening nails is, therefore, a natural, almost indispensable instinct that every cat must be able to satisfy. The claws are used to hunt, climb and also to mark the territory thanks to special glands placed in the legs.

In nature, cats, like wild felines, would use tree trunks and the ground, but in the absence of these elements, sofas, carpets, chairs, furniture, etc. are targeted, with easy to guess for the entire furniture.

Precisely for this reason, to try to prevent and limit this problem, scratching posts were born whose use by the cat, as well as being recommended by veterinary surgeons, not only allows the animal to be able to file its nails in peace but also not to damage the objects in the home.

In specialized animal shops, you can find scratching posts of different shapes, sizes, and materials that can satisfy the most diverse needs, both as regards the animal and the owner.

Although it might seem trivial, the choice of the scratching post is not simple and must be done with rationality keeping in mind the available space, the weight and the size of the cat and above all the number of cats that will have to take advantage of it.

In fact it is possible to find on the market both simple scratching posts, exclusively designed to carry out the task for which they were created, and more articulated scratching posts , of larger dimensions, which constitute a veritable gym of games where the cat in addition to sharpening the nails he can climb and play keeping himself in perfect physical shape.

You can buy different types of scratchers that differ in size and the material with which they were made; if you want to buy a resistant scratching post, the advice is to take it in solid wood covered with carpet or sisal.

The first scratching post you usually buy will never be the one your cat will like.

It is a common thing for all cat owners, it is not explained why, but it is useful to accustom the cat puppy from the first days of activity.

Bringing the cat to the scratching post is not really easy, the important thing is not to create a violent approach with the scratching post as in this way the cat will no longer approach the object as it will be afraid of it.

On the market to attract cats there are numerous scratching posts with built-in lotions, otherwise, you can buy attractive sprays for puppies, spray on the scratching post and then patiently show the cat how to use it.

The classic scratching posts are the column ones; if you were to buy this type of scratching post it is important to put something on top that attracts it like: ropes, rattles, toys, etc.

We recommend a calm and gradual approach to the scratching post, perhaps at the beginning bringing all the cat toys close to it so the animal is more stimulated to approach and start playing with the new object.

A very important thing is to get him used to use the scratching post since he is a puppy, so not only will he understand that this is a game but also that with it he will be able to free his nails without having to ruin objects in the house.

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