How to spoil and treat your cat

Who has a pet must know how to take care of it in every sense. Even happiness is an important emotion that the four-legged friend must try, and this also applies to cats. The felines seem independent animals, but in truth, in terms of attention and pampering, they are the number one. All cats love to sleep and love to indulge in sins of gluttony. The reason why every owner should know how to spoil and care for his cat, bringing him only great and innumerable benefits.

The pampering aspect: cats do not lack affection

Having a cat at home, especially if it is an apartment, means having to replace the lack of outdoor space to make it comfortable. Kittens, in fact, need to stretch their legs, and not to fall into trouble and apathy situations, such as laziness and a sedentary lifestyle. With some advice and the right suggestions, however, the cat can also revitalize itself at home, thanks to our care and attention that will give it that extra edge it needs to live better.

An aspect that should never be underestimated is that related to pampering, made of games and caresses. All while always paying attention to the fact that they are not animals that love so many effusions. The gestures must be simple and not exaggerated, in other words without stress. Not surprisingly, there are particular points in the body where felines prefer to be touched.

We must never lose sight of the secret to the perfect relationship with a cat: cuddles represent an intimate moment, a common approach, made of relaxation and well-being. The owner must know how to empathize with his animal, giving him the freedom and enough space to allow him to grow according to nature.

Learn to take care of the cat the right way

Cuddling can also mean donating to your pet, quality food and accessories, which you can buy in the best websites on the web, specialized, for your pets. Coccola can be a caress made gently on its face. Or it can also mean playing together. In short, every gesture can be interpreted as cuddling, as long as it remains within the limits of what the cat likes.

The approaches with the cat are in fact multiple and help everyone to establish some connection between master and feline, which will become more and more solid. Until it is defined as indissoluble. When we decide to pet the cat, we must do it with extreme delicacy almost as if asking permission. And only when he gives us the touch will we be able to touch him gently, slowly and gently. We will surely understand if he appreciates every single moment of effusion. Caresses should be done without lifting it from the ground, just to give it that feeling of deserved freedom.

The question of freedom

And remaining on the subject of freedom, we must give our cat the chance to leave when he is fed up with our touches. Independence is the first characteristic that distinguishes cats from other domestic animals: they always seek an escape route, a way to claim their autonomy, even when they are enjoying something as beautiful as the attentions of their master.

The ideal cuddles are in fact those on the head up to the maximum on the hips, which do not prevent movement, but rather leave the cat in the position of having sufficient space to move.

Every touch of ours must be done with the utmost delicacy, precisely so as not to annoy him and not to arouse unpleasant reactions.

The cat must know that we take care of him, with every single gesture, otherwise, he will always be reluctant to grant his trust. Only after having understood that we have no intention of limiting his character, but rather indulge him, he will have for us the same attention that we dedicate to him, if not to a greater extent.

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