Kittens and box with six holes!

A few minutes ago we showed you an extraordinary video in which a group of kittens played inside a cardboard box. In that case, the video showed us a very simple creation, a box with some boxes and several holes, useful to allow cats to enter and exit easily and with maximum freedom.

Well, to further confirm the fact that very little is enough to make the kittens very happy, and to confirm their love for cardboard boxes, try to take a look at this second video: the master of these kittens has made a simple drilling in six places, and left the kittens free to play with this easy creation.

The result – as was easily predictable – is exhilarating! Kittens come and go from this game all the time, and they seem to have a lot of fun! What do you think? Have you ever tried to make a similar box available for your pets? Or do you prefer to happily entertain your cats with other games? Let us know how you organize your cats’ names and send us photos of your pets dealing with fun activities!

Kittens play in a cardboard box!

We have said many times about the loving relationship between cats and cardboard boxes on our site. For cats, cardboard boxes are an ideal place in which (and with which!) To play, having good physical contact (the walls of the box can be a good solution to “rub” freely) and a good feeling of warmth.

To confirm our introduction, it is enough to look at this video, in which a group of tender kittens plays happily in a cardboard box specially modified by their young master. In this video, the box has been transformed into a sort of hive, a filing cabinet where kittens can enter and exit freely, level up, go down and leave the place on several sides.

On closer inspection the kittens have fun, it seems to us that the idea of ​​making this box was more than apt! What do you think? Have you ever tried to build such a realization for the benefit of your cats? What did you get? Did your kittens like this kind think or did they prove to be extremely inattentive and not in love with a beautiful and solid cardboard box all for themselves?

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