Kittens play with a balloon … which explodes!

To intrigue and entertain cats it takes very little! Considering that these are very dynamic animals and always discovering new experiences, an element of novelty is enough to change their day!

In this case, the director of the movie thought well of making a balloon available to some small cats. The kittens approach this new element curiously and begin to play with it, discovering how to move and move it. Their curiosity soon turns into fun, and they start more intense games with the balloon!

Unfortunately for them, the claws with which they are equipped ended up damaging the balloon, which exploded all of a sudden while one of the cats embraced it. The outbreak made the kittens scared, who immediately proceeded to get away from the body of the “crime”: to note how, once the outbreak occurred, mother cat immediately approached to check the situation, confirming the fact that – during the first weeks of life – kittens are never left alone.

A really very sweet and funny movie, that we want to share with you now. What do you think?

A cat that loves to play with a huge box!

Several times, on our site, we talked about the incredible passion that distinguishes cats and boxes: for our mustachioed friends the box is a comfortable and warm landing, something in which to take refuge and rub, play and … destroy!

Well, in the movie that we want to show you today, a beautiful cat named Maru seems to want to confirm what we have just introduced and does everything to get into a rather large box. His attempts are encouraging and exhilarating, and they have not always allowed the cat to reach its goal.

The opportunity is of course very useful for suggesting a small pastime that you can arrange for your cats: get boxes of various sizes (I recommend that they be hygienic!) And try to see what the reaction of your cat might be.

It is very likely that during the first phase the cats can look at the “novelty” with great caution, and then gradually take confidence and finally make it a real “second home” with respect to their kennel! Take care that the boxes are quite “challenging” for your cats but, of course, not impossible to manage.

Let us know how it went and, if you want, send us photos or videos of your cats!

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