Little cat bengal in a wheel!

A small Bengal cat plays inside a wheel: a very tender image that leads us to cuddle this tender cat! But who are Bengal cats?

The Bengal cat is a hybrid cat, born from the cross between a domestic cat and a leopard cat. It has a very dynamic character, and its evolution has been able to make it a perfect domestic cat, but only after the third generation. First, however, it is possible that the cat may have quite typical wild cat behaviors.

In any case, even after domestication, this cat still retains some instincts on the part of its progenitors, loving outdoor activity and maintaining a predatory instinct towards small animals. It is, therefore, a cat that needs to run, even inside the walls of the house or in a garden. It still proves to be very affectionate, and a perfect companion for a slightly eventful life!

Cardboard houses for your cats!

Several times on our site we talked about the love that comes between cats and cardboard boxes: for our four-legged mustached friends, cardboard boxes are convenient compartments where you can go in and out, fall asleep, play, rub. In fact, cardboard represents an extremely popular material for cats, and the videos we have shown you during these months aim to prove it.

Well, very little is needed to make a cardboard box for your feline. It is sufficient to take a box of the correct size (it is important that your cat can enter and exit with ease) and, with the help of a cutter, adapt it to the spaces you want the cat to occupy, perhaps facilitating the games thanks to some side window and a roof opening.

Inside the box, you could also set up a nice soft blanket, which the cat can use to pamper himself with even greater generosity. Finally, we advise you to leave the box “in the rough”: avoid coloring it, unless you use special products (in any case, ask the veterinarian for an opinion on the materials you are going to put inside the box).

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