Little kittens learn to play billiards!

In the video that we want to offer you this morning, a group of cute kittens learns to play billiards: if you also have a billiard table (maybe, one to … split off!) You can certainly try to get the cats to play at home. You will see that the cats will find ample curiosity in this “strange” toy, and they will have a great time playing with billiard balls.

For the cats, this element represents nothing but a big world to discover, made of a soft carpet and balls that can be thrown from one side to the other!

The occasion is naturally very useful for reminding everyone how important it is to stimulate cats to play and to share spaces with other cats or with other human beings. We have also reminded you several times that, in order to entertain a cat, it is certainly not necessary to spend so much money: very often it is sufficient to work with what one has at home, as in this case, a billiard table.

In other cases, it will be sufficient to prepare a box or some other common stratagem: cats do not look at price or brand, but only at functionality and fun!

Beautiful ragdoll receives a new toy!

In this video, a beautiful specimen of ragdoll receives a new toy that immediately proves to appreciate!

As far as ragdolls are concerned, they are “old acquaintances” of our site. We have spoken several times about this beautiful breed of cats, characterized by marked docility, an imposing and massive appearance, blue eyes and thick and fluffy hair.

The character of this “rag doll” (such as the translation of the term “ragdoll”) leaves no room for doubt: it is sweet, affectionate, sociable, tranquil. He loves to play and be pampered. He is never aggressive, but he is confident and calm. It is not intrusive and must be treated easily. If you have small children in your family, they are likely to go out of love and agree with your ragdoll!

Also keep in mind that this cat is constantly looking for physical contact and, requiring a bit of extra care and attention than what happens with cats as a whole, it is not really suitable for those who spend too much time outside the home. The ragdoll attaches itself affectionately to the owner and suffers a lot from his lack: think carefully, therefore, before adopting one, since the emotional element is extraordinarily important in a relationship with the ragdolls.

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