The cat goes up or down the stairs, do you think?

The optical effect or visual game of today is: does the cat in the photo go up or down the stairs?

Sometimes we talked so much about the color of the dress to be identified, then the parked car and the bus, the new puzzle concerns cats.

This image from the 9GAG site has become viral.

The image, like that of the dress, is also making the rounds of social networks, and we see a cat on a flight of stairs. It is not clear, however, if he is going up, so if he goes forward or is going down. It is in motion, this is seen because it has a raised paw, but …

At the bottom of the stairs, we see a light that shows the place where the feline began its walk in the palace. So?

If the queue is raised, will it mean that maybe it’s coming down the stairs? There are so many doubts about the fact that our four-legged friend goes up the stairs that his opposite. So what do you think about it?

How many kittens can enter a sphere?

Impossible not to resist these kittens! In the movie that we found on the YouTube channel, Funnycatsandnicefish we have in fact had the opportunity to pillow the businesses of a small cat who enjoys hiding inside a transparent sphere. His “colleagues” of adventures try to make him roll and steal his place… an enterprise certainly not easy, given that the cat proves to be rather tenacious.

We have often talked about the love of cats for rather narrow spaces. With this occasion, we highlight how the passion that binds cats to boxes or other apparently cramped containers arises from the need to satisfy multiple needs simultaneously. Think, for example, of the opportunity to improve your sense of protection by feeling “safe” inside a package, or even the possibility of being able to feel the contact with a comfortable surface capable of giving the right warmth.

What do you think? Don’t you find these little cats are wonderful?

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