Travel with four-legged friends, tips for going on vacation

In Italy, the number of accommodation facilities is constantly growing compared to the past, which accepts pets in welcoming guests on holiday. In this regard, for a holiday with four-legged friends in Syracuse, follow the advice of since it is important to choose the accommodation for the holiday before leaving, which can be represented by a trip to the mountains or to the sea.

From departure to arrival, precautions for dogs and cats

Already from the departure for the holidays, among other things, it is necessary to take care of the pets guaranteeing them a peaceful journey up to the arrival in the hotel, in the agriturismo or in the camping that has been booked. In this regard, it must be said that transporting a cat is not like going on holiday with a dog.

And this is because, compared to dogs, cats generally tend to be decidedly more anxious and unwilling to spend the journey inside the carrier that can generate animal stress. Furthermore, it is preferable not to feed the cat before the trip, and the same is also true when dogs are being transported.

As for the best time to choose for traveling with pets, the less sunny hours are ideal as the heat, especially in summer, is the number one enemy of our four-legged friends.

Mountain holidays, how to protect pets from the cold

The appropriate precautions must be taken not only in summer, but also in winter when you go on vacation not to the sea, but in the mountains. For example, those leaving for holidays with a dog must provide, in the holiday resort, a cozy kennel and such that the animal can protect itself from low temperatures.

In these cases, the ideal solution is to let the dog sleep at home or in any case in a kennel that is in a sheltered place with blankets to keep warm. In addition, during the mountain holiday, the outings with the dog must be reduced in number and duration, just as one must be careful about feeding one’s dog that it is good that it is strengthened since with cold even pets consume more calories.

The stops during the trip with pets

Furthermore, just as we need, during a trip, some stops at the Autogrill, in the same way with onboard dogs and cats it is good to schedule some stops for our four-legged friends too, allowing them, among other things, also to do their needs. And if the dog or cat is hungry during the journey, it is a good idea to limit the amount of water and even food by limiting yourself to a few crunchies.

Finally, having arrived in the accommodation facility, it is necessary to ensure that the dog or cat is quickly at ease even in what will temporarily be his new home. It is generally the cat that is most wary of accepting new places to stay, which is why you have to make sure you put it at ease and pamper it, making it eat and then accompany it to the spaces where it can run and jump.

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